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Contaminants Studies
Contaminant Biomonitoring in the Northwest Territories Mackenzie Valley
Monitoring of mercury, flame retardants and other chemicals in lake trout and cisco from Great Bear Lake
Contaminants in Fish in the Keith Arm of Great Bear Lake
Sampling of Traditional Foods in Deline
Radiological Characterization and Delineation Study - Historical Waste Contaminated Great Bear River Sites
Arctic Wastewater Research
Culture Studies
Review of Dene Language and Cultural Revitalization Initiatives in the Sahtu Region
Hybrid knowledge in practice- Engaging Aboriginal youth in environmental governance in Northern Canada
Culturally Appropriate Search and Rescue (SAR) Prevention and Survival Training in the Sahtú Region, Northwest Territories
Has the provision of annual basic veterinary services improved the health and welfare of dogs and improved community concerns around dogs in the Sahtu Settlement Area of the Northwest Territories?
Use of the narrative to understand and support emerging leaders
F.O.X.Y. Participatory Action Research Project
Can Dene Ways of Resolving Conflicts and Building Peace Inform Governing Structures
Dene Mapping Project Repatriation and Analysis- Understanding valued places at the intersection of caribou ecology and harvesting
Sahtú Settlement Harvest Study
Re:mediating Indigenous Environmental Justice- Resource Extraction, Divergent Risk Perception, and Economic Equality in the North
Traditional Knowledge Studies
Tracking Change... Local and Traditional Knowledge in Watershed Governance
Traditional Sahtú Dene and Yellowknives Dene Astronomy and Sky-Related Knowledge
Mapping, Language and Stories in Deline
Sahtú Region Wolverine Traditional Knowledge Study
Mapping Knowledge in the Sahtú Region
The Wind Will Not Wait For You- Sahtuot'ine Spirituality
Climate Change Studies
Pilot Project to assess climate change vulnerability of Tuktut Nogait National Park through Aboriginal Knowledge
Our Land is Changing- Climate Change, Food Security and Health in Déline
Review and Impact Analysis- Health Canada Climate Change Health Adaptation Program
Sahtu Youth Network for a Regional Action Plan on the Health Impacts of Climate Change
Wildlife Studies
Caribou Genetics
Community-based monitoring (harvesters) to determine spatial structure of caribou in the Sahtu region (Environment and Natural Resources)
Sahtú Region Caribou and Moose Study
Conservation Planning
A critical review of the Northwest Territories Protected Areas Strategy Program
Water Studies
Using Remote Sensing to Support Cumulative Impact Monitoring of Water Resources in the Northwest Territories
Long-term Monitoring of Great Bear Lake Fisheries and the Aquatic Ecosystem
Environment Canada Northern Water Quality Monitoring Network
Community-based Water Quality Monitoring in Great Bear Lake 2012
Ecosystem Modeling Studies
The road to ecosystem redemption- Comparative study of degraded and pristine giant lakes of North America using Ecopath
Preliminary analysis of trophic relationships in Great Bear Lake using Ecopath model
Fish Studies
Sympatric polymorphism in Lake Trout- the coexistence of multiple shallow water morphotypes in Great Bear Lake
Depth and habitat related variation among cisco populations in Great Bear Lake
Fatty acid signatures and stomach contents of four sympatric Lake Trout- assessment of trophic patterns among morphotypes in Great Bear Lake
Evolution and origin of sympatric shallow-water morphotypes of Lake Trout, Salvelinus namaycush, in Canada’s Great Bear Lake